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NEW: LongLife spring-applied brakes

INTORQ BFK458-L in materials handling technology

In high-cycle applications, spring-applied brakes are subject to two kinds of stress. Due to the large number of load alternations, the service life of the brake is determined both by the mechanical components of the brake itself and the useful life of the rotor, which is based on friction energy. In particular, the rotor/hub connection, the springs and the sleeve bolts are subject to wear due to the number of load cycles. Based on the components mentioned, without additional measures the service life of spring-applied brakes is limited to 1x      to 4x      load cycles depending on the load.

Guaranteed performance data

  • Guaranteed service life of brake mechanism:

      10x       repetitive cycles of operation
      15x       reversing cycles of operation


  • The brake warranty covers either two years or the guaranteed number of cycles - whichever is reached first.

  • The scope of the warranty in the event of premature failure covers replacement of the brake, including a flat-rate replacement fee.

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