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Extremely robust - for uses that require the ultimate in terms of operational reliability and service life

The GEARex® is ideally suited for use in rough environments, e.g. in the iron or steel industry. This coupling is not only resistant to dust, dirt, water and vibrations – it also has no trouble handling high temperatures, alternating forces and shaft misalignments. The special toothing of the crowned gear coupling offers a long service life with minimal wear. The nominal torque range stretches all the way up to 1,050,000 Nm with shaft diameters of up to 450 mm.

This torsionally rigid coupling is particularly well suited to applications in the field of heavy machine and systems engineering, as well as delivering high torque in the tightest of installation spaces.


• Double-cardan crowned gear coupling
• Virtually wear-free operation with a long service life
• Two radial lubrication connections (each offset by 90°) on each hub facilitate
• extremely easy maintenance while fitted
• Compact dimensions and low dead weight with low mass inertia
• Compensates shaft misalignments, axially - radially - angularly flexible

GEARex® couplings comply with the AGMA standard (American Gear Manufacturer Association).

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