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Transport belts

The perfect profile for any transport task.

Transport belts can be combined with the most diverse of welded-on profiles and coatings for optimum handling of your transport task. As such, these belts are ideally suited to applications in the field of intralogistics or in packaging machines.

The Lenze Selection offers you transport belts with the most diverse of profiles, pitches and dimensions - perfectly matching your application. We will obviously also weld your belts to the required length.


• Can be combined with profiles of virtually any design
• Coatings for a very wide range of applications
• Cast profiles made of high-strength polyurethane
• Thermal welding of the profiles to the toothed belt for a homogeneous connection
• Available with pre-punched holes for the highest conveyor speeds (vacuum technology)
• Holding device for additional parts to be fitted

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