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g700-P planetary gearboxes

Precision in the application.

The g700 planetary gearbox is an excellent solution for dynamic and cost-optimized applications.

Its high-level of reliability, long service life and excellent scalability make it a precise solution for demanding machine tasks.


• For applications in which a medium backlash is required
• High input speed possible: max. input speed 18,000 rpm
• Wide transmission range: i=3 to 512 in 24 ratios
• Wide torque range: 44.25 to 7081 lb-in (5 to 800 Nm) in five sizes
• Lifetime lubrication for any mounting position

Can be combined with the following motors:

• With synchronous and asynchronous servo motors in the power range from 0.33 to 27 Hp (0.25 to 20.3 kW) 2212 to 17,9670 lb-in
  (250 to 20,300 Nm)

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