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8200 vector frequency inverters

Modular frequency inverters for standard applications, power range of: 0.33 to 120.7 Hp (0.25 to 90 kW).

Complete with everything you need for convenient operation, handling, diagnostics and communication, the 8200 vector modular range of frequency inverters has a power range of 0.33 to 120.7 Hp (0.25 to 90 kW). Pluggable function modules enable precisely tailored integration of the 8200 vector into the control and automation architecture of your machine or installation.


Their compact dimensions allow you to save space in your control cabinet. For individual cooling concepts, we offer the "push-through technique" and "cold plate technique" models. The units are operated either via a plug-in Keypad XT control console or a PC in connection with the convenient and free-of-charge Global Drive Control easy operating software


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