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Backlash-free, torsionally rigid and maintenance-free

The all-steel RADEX®-N coupling employs plates made of high-strength, rust-free spring steel. These allow pronounced shaft misalignments to be compensated with low restoring forces. Due to its all-steel design, the RADEX-N® can be used with drives at temperatures of up to +280°C.

The plate shape, optimised using the finite element method (FEM), guarantees very high levels of torque transmission and torsional rigidity with maximum shaft misalignment compensation.

This coupling is particularly well suited to torsionally rigid, backlash-free applications. Due to its robustness, shaft misalignment compensation capacity and high temperature resistance, it can be used in the most diverse of areas - e.g. in the field of materials handling, process pumps, paper machines, printing presses, packaging machines, test benches or presses.


• Single or double-cardan design options
• Special high-strength fitting bolts allow very high power density with optimum shaft misalignment capacity

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