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MGFQx DC motors

DC motors in the power range: 0.44 to 121.76 Hp (0.33 to 90.8 kW).

Thanks to their square design, the products in this MGFQx range achieve a high-power density while maintaining compact overall dimensions. These factors lead to impressively economical drives, which can be easily and precisely regulated using single-quadrant and multi-quadrant DC speed controllers. The safe and quiet natural ventilation and correspondingly designed commutation offer ideal conditions for large power reserves, for example in dynamic positioning applications.

The DC motors in the MGFQU range operate without compensation. The compensation winding of the MGFQK series also leads to correct current/torque proportionality in the overcurrent range and prevents instability with field weakening. The DC motors in the power range up to and exceeding 90 kW are available as a modular system with various degrees of protection. Depending on the application in question, they can also be combined with matching gearboxes, brakes and feedback systems.

LHMAI17a MGFQU B_B_200x400.jpg
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