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MGFRK DC motors

DC motors in the power range of: 0.44 to 36 Hp (0.33 to 27 kW).

The use of DC motors with standard IP54 enclosures has been proven in harsh industrial environments for decades. They can be installed flexibly in various designs and mounting positions. It is also easy to combine them with gearboxes, brakes and feedback systems. The axial forced-ventilation offers a large adjustment range with full torque.

The motors are fitted with a compensation winding. This ensures the correct torque/current proportionality, which can be as much as three times over current with certain motors. This in turn allows implementation of concepts such as dynamic positioning or brief high-starting duty. In the IEC sizes 90 to 160, power outputs from 0.44 to 36 Hp (0.33 to 27 kW) can be achieved depending on the armature voltage and speed.

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