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PowerGrip® TwinPower®

Capable of handing twice the load.

The Twin Power® double toothed belt has been specifically developed to enable the direction of rotation to be reversed in the drive and is available both with the classic trapezoidal toothing and with a GT tooth profile.

In contrast with this, the Twin Power® GT2 synchronous belt excels through its increased transmission capacity and improved resistance to tooth skipping, which secure positive-fit power transmission. The Twin Power® GT2 also generates less noise.

Due to its double toothing, this toothed belt is ideally suited for use in machines with serpentine drive.


• Double-sided teeth (with classic trapezoidal or GT teeth profile)
• High transmission capacity (from both sides)
• Smooth running and excellent flexibility
• Tough nylon coating to prevent wear
• Lubrication- and maintenance-free
• Available in the pitches PowerGrip® GT2 8MGT and 14MGT, as well as HTD® 5M, PowerGrip® XL, L and H

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