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Power belts - linear

Particularly economical – the perfect alternative to chains.

Linear power belts are particularly well suited to applications in automated conveying belts, machine tools, XY-coordinate machines, printers and office equipment.

We will obviously also weld your belts to the required length.


• Technically sophisticated materials and profiles
• High degree of power transmission, tensile strength and rigidity
• Broad range of tooth shapes available, such as T, AT, HTD, STD, as well as versions with different lengths and widths, combined with various     

• A large range of coatings can be applied to both sides of the belts (front and back), for example to secure smoother running characteristics and

  lower friction, anti-static, and many more...
• Excellent positioning and repeat accuracy
• Positive-fit power conversion with low axle load
• Low-expansion tensile cords for longitudinal stability
• Low noise
• Compact
• Minimum maintenance
• Simple attachment with clamping fixture
• PU toothed belts optionally also available for the food industry (FDA)

You can of course also order these linear power belts in imperial (inch) divisions (XL, L, H, etc.), e.g.

• the Poly Chain® GT2
• the Power Grip®

and many more.

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