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PowerGrip® GT3

The all-rounder

This toothed belt is ideal for use in a large range of industrial applications. It is suitable both for new designs and as a replacement for its predecessor (PowerGrip® GT2) in existing installations without the need for any further system revisions.

Due to its performance data, this toothed belt is suitable for use in high-performance industrial machines in the tool, paper, textile machine and automotive industries, as well as for multi-axis applications.


• Technologically advanced rubber synchronous belts (fibreglass tensile member, elastomer teeth and back, nylon fabric)
• High positioning accuracy
• Excellent tooth jump resistance
• Strong and flexible with minimal stretching
• Compact, lightweight and durable
• Minimum maintenance
• Available with 2MGT, 3MGT, 5MGT, 8MGT and 14MGT pitches
• Silicone-free design also available (e.g. for painting systems)

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