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Backlash-free, vibration-damping and suitable for highly versatile deployments

ROTEX® GS, a three-piece coupling that can be plugged in axially and is backlash-free under pretension. It impresses even in critical applications thanks to its backlash-free torque transmission, optimum rigidity matching to the respective deployment and excellent vibration damping. Using this principle offers particularly easy-to-mount and production-optimised installation options.

This torsionally elastic coupling is particularly well suited for use with main spindle drives, as well as applications in the area of control, positioning and measuring technology.


• Rated torque up to 4,500 Nm
• High power density
• Backlash-free shaft connection under pretension
• For positioning drives and main drives in machine tools
• Vibration-free power transmission for printing presses, lift drives, etc.
• Shaft diameters from 6 mm to 110 mm
• Can be inserted axially - for easy installation

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