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MDFQA Asynchronous servo motors

Enclosed-ventilated motors in the power range of: 30.30 to 127.4 Hp (22.6 to 95 kW).

Enclosed-ventilated, long service life, wide speed control range and torques up to 123910 lb-in (1,400 Nm).

The enclosed-ventilated motors in the MDFQA range are designed for continuous operation with high torque. With their generous dimensioning and bearings and their special winding structure, they guarantee long service life and optimum operational performance in all drive situations. The motors offer rated torque values of up to 3841 lb-in (434 Nm) and peak torque values of up to 12391 lb-in (1,400 Nm).in a power range between 30.30 Hp (22.6 kW) and 127.4 Hp (95 kW). They are compact, offer IP23 protection and have been developed specifically for operation with Lenze frequency and servo inverters

A broad spectrum of versions covers a wide range of applications. The wide field weakening range with high levels of torque in reserve also allows continuous operation all the way up to high speeds.

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