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SI safety coupling

We ensure your safety

Whether in combination with tried-and-tested couplings such as ROTEX®/BoWex® or integrating customer-specific drive components (e.g. sprockets), optimum solutions can be implemented for the respective drive application.

This coupling is available both in a backlash-free and a disengaging version.

Thanks to an extensive modular system, this safety coupling is suitable for handling the most diverse of tasks - e.g. in packaging machines, bottling plants or extruders, applications in the field of materials handling and automation technology or basic monitoring via limit switches in the event of overload


• Overload protection up to 8,200 Nm
• Backlash-free shaft-hub joint
• Available in indexing, synchronous and inhibited versions with identical dimensions.
• Easy monitoring via limit switches in the event of overload
• Available in backlash-free and disengaging versions
• Simple assembly and torque adjustment
• High response accuracy, even after a long operating period
• Large range of variants thanks to modular system
• Maintenance-free and insensitive to oils and greases
• Long service life thanks to use of high-quality materials
• Precise matching to customer installation dimensions possible
• Automatically ready for operation again

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