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Compact dimensions, low weight and low moments of inertia, combined with high torque transmission

The new heart of the Rotex® - the T-PUR® ring gear - has more to offer and increases the service life. Extremely cold -50 °C to extremely hot +120 °C is not a problem, even for long periods of time: elasticity and hardness are retained.

This torsionally elastic coupling is particularly well suited to applications that require torsion-damping power transmission.


• Rated torque up to 35,000 Nm
• Shaft coupling for power transmission with dampening of rotational vibration
• Can be inserted axially - easy installation - maintenance-free
• Temperature range in use from -50 ºC to +120 ºC, in isolated cases up to +150 ºC
• Compensates shaft misalignments, axially - radially - angularly flexible
• Shaft diameters from 6 mm to 200 mm
• Large range of off-the-shelf basic units with Taper Lock hub

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