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Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt®

The latest innovation in the world of synchronous drive systems is the Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® with patented carbon fibre and antistatic coating.

It consists of a new kind of belt made of polyurethane composite, into which an extremely fatigue-resistant carbon fibre tensile cord is integrated. Thanks to the antistatic coating, it is the only belt on the market that meets the ISO standard 9563 over its entire lifetime.

This makes thePoly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® the highest performing synchronous belt on the market.

This toothed belt ensures maintenance-free, energy-saving and environmentally friendly operation, while also representing an excellent alternative to roller chain drives and gearboxes.

Thanks to its performance, this belt is ideal for use in high-performance industrial machines in the paper, wood, food and textile machine industries, in the fields of lifting and handling technology, as well as for conveyors and for drives with high levels of torque and low speeds.

Its patented, statically conductive fabric makes the belt the best choice for ATEX areas, such as gas industry, petrochemical industry, grain storage, filling plants, automotive coating etc.


• Unsurpassed power density: at least 25% higher performance figures than Poly Chain® GT2 synchronous belts
• Statically conductive according to ISO standard 9563
• Clean, low noise, compact, durable
• Constant belt tension throughout the entire service life
• Use of back idlers possible
• Suitable for use with the current Poly Chain® GT discs
• Temperature range from -54°C to +85°C. A special version is also available that can handle temperatures of up to +140°C

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