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Ready to handle tough tasks

The ETP-HYLOC® hydromechanical locking bush excels through its high level of transmissible torque, which can be adjusted as necessary, and its high load capacity.

This locking bush is particularly well suited to applications in heavy industry. Thanks to its robust design, the ETP-HYLOC is ideally equipped to handle deployments in areas with difficult environmental conditions and extreme operating conditions. It is also particularly easy to install.


• Shaft diameters: 50 mm to 220 mm
• Based on the hydro-mechanical principle
• For high torque levels - also with high radial loads
• Easy to install thanks to radial/axial hydraulic pump connection
• Fast installation and disassembly with hydraulic pump
• Sensitive hub adjustment
• Good concentricity, even after being installed multiple times
• Can be installed to 2,000 times

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