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Locking assemblies

Meeting individual customer requirements - and keeping everything securely clamped in place

Locking assemblies are used for force-fit (friction-fit) and backlash-free transmission of torque and axial forces between shafts and hubs or machine components.

The advantages of friction-fit torque transmission over keyway connections are as follows:

• Permanent and non-destructive connection
• Fast and clean installation and disassembly
• Ability to perform positioning in the axial direction on the shaft
• Torque transmission with simultaneous acceptance of axial forces
• Depending on the model, can be re-used multiple times
• Absolutely backlash-free - ideally suited for use with servo technology and for reversing duties
• Partial overload protection for machine parts through slippage
• Better fatigue factors
• Material savings for shaft-hub dimensions
• No special surface finish required
• Larger tolerance field in the shaft-hub diameter range
• No fretting corrosion

We offer solutions with mechanical locking assemblies and also with hydraulic and hydromechanical locking bushes.

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