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EPM series Human Machine Interfaces

Text displays, graphic displays, touchscreens and hand-held devices used for displaying information and operating.

The products in the EPM range are available as human machine interfaces.

Text displays

Text displays are a cost-effective and compact solution for easy machine automation applications. Their low mounting depth makes them ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The displays, which have between two and four lines, are backlit and feature the Lenze system bus as standard, as well as various system and function keys.

Graphics displays

The graphics display combines cost-effectiveness, functionality and a high-levels user-friendliness in a modern design. The compact unit with integrated system bus can manage recipes and display data in graphic formats. The fact that production trends are immediately visible also allows machine processes to be fully optimized.


Our range of touchscreens grants you affordable access to the world of graphics. All devices come with a system bus as standard and offer you the ultimate in flexibility when designing user interfaces. The 10.4 in (26.4 cm) TFT model is ideally suited to more complex visualizations.

Hand-held unit

The hand-held unit offers you direct local operation and monitoring. Thanks to its light weight and touchscreen design, it is both easy and convenient to use. The ability to access the console directly while visualizing the machine and workpiece status speeds up commissioning.

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