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Industrial PC v800-C

The powerful v800-Cabinet for integration into the machine housing.

Machine visualizations with the industrial PC v800-C can be easily scaled and implemented in a way that is optimal for the machine. The different screen diagonals and processor capacities are tailor-made for the necessary requirements of modern visualization systems, and are suitable for any machine concept. All devices are equipped with the most up-to-date, glove-friendly multi-touch glass sensors, and the operating program can be created intuitively with the engineering software VisiWinNET®.


• High-resolution displays in 13.3 to 24 in (33.782 and 60.96 cm)
• Non-rotating mass storage
• Fan cooled for maximum power or passively cooled
• Innovative cooling method and durable fan
• IP65 protection class front
• VisiWinNET® for creating intuitive visualizations

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